In RunMags each user can administrate their contact information, upload a pic and set up one or several email accounts to use when sending emails to clients.

In the navigation menu on the left side, click Home >>> My profile, then click the upper Edit button. In the form you can add/change information that will populate contracts, invoices and email templates.

Sending email from RunMags

You can also set RunMags up with access to your email so that you can email contacts from RunMags, rather than having to go to your email system.

The benefit of emailing from RunMags is that each email will be tied to a contract in RunMags as well as an organization in case the contact belong to an organization. This will make it easy to share information within the team on what has been agreed to with customers.

To set up an email integration, click the lower New button at the bottom right on the screen.

Start by selecting your Account type.

Setting up email accounts for any provide EXCEPT Google

Use Standard - SMTP for all providers except Google G Suite, formerly Google Apps.
Fill in your email address, password, email sender name, as well as the SMTP server and port details.

Here are the SMTP settings for a few popular email providers:
Rackspace outgoing server:   port: 587
Office 365 outgoing server:   port: 587

Check off the box for "Outgoing secure"

Click the Test / Verify button to test the integration.

Tick the Default account check box to indicate which account you'll normally be sending email from.

Setting up Google G Suite email accounts

If you are operating on Google Apps, select Gmail - Oauth2 in Account type.

While RunMags can be set up to work with any SMTP email provider, RunMags is built with a deep integration with the Google G Suite Ecosystem. RunMags is a real cloud based system and an integration with Google G Suite will make the user experience more pleasant.

Populate your password and click the button to Authenticate account in the lower left corner, This will open up Google's authentication tool. Click Allow.

As Google's authentication tool closes, click the Test / Verify button to test the integration. If it's successful, you will receive an email from us in your normal email inbox and the checkbox for the test will be checked.

Tick the Default account check box to indicate which account you'll normally be sending email from.

A note on being logged in to the Google Chrome browser switching between accounts:
If you have more than one Google Account, you can sign in to multiple accounts at once. That way, you can switch between accounts without signing out and back in again. For example, you can have one Chrome browser session on for your business email and a separate one open for your personal Gmail at the same time. From a productivity and security standpoint as well as keeping work and play separate, this is a great tool. More on that on Google's website.

In case you work in this way, please make sure that you're working in the correct browser session. If you're using your personal session and you try to authenticate your business email in RunMags, you're likely going to see a conflict and the email won't work.

Setting up several email accounts

You can set up several email accounts in case you want to be able to send email from a generic account, however one account always has to be the default account.

Follow the steps above to set up each account you want to add.

Once you have done this you can change the Company settings to indicate which account you want to use to send invoices and artwork reminders.

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