A user with Production Rights can access the magazine tools in the left navigation column under Production. Depending on your business model, you can set up a shipping fee structure to be general in nature or with specific fees by country.

The shipping fees you set up will be applied automatically to the subscription portals where subscribers can sign up online to subscribe to your magazine. The portals will even use the user's IP address to detect which country they are in when they are signing up. That country will automatically populate the country address field.

Search to find the magazine you want to manage shipping fees for. Click the upper orange Edit button to edit the basic information of the magazine.

The default shipping fee, highlighted in yellow below, will be applied at all times unless it's overridden in the tab for Shipping fees. If it's set to $0 and there's no other shipping fees applied, then all subscribers, regardless which country they subscribe from, will be able to purchase your subscriptions without a shipping fee.

Even if you only plan on having subscribers in your home country, we recommend that you set up a fee structure that is prepared to manage international subscribers. You can even set the default shipping fee so high that it doesn't make sense to sign up from abroad.

In the example below, Nifty Magazine is a US based magazine so we're setting the default to $50.

We have applied a shipping fee of $0 to subscribers located in the United States.

Click the lower green New button to add a new shipping fee. In the example below, we add a $10 shipping fee for Canadian subscribers.

To view the ad products for a specific magazine locate the Ad products tab. To add a new ad product, for example a new premium full page ad, click New.

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